Best Ways To Know if Your Phone is Original or Fake

This have been one of the nightmares of other people thinking their phones were original but later got to know it not. This can be very sad and hurting so please don go yet. I am going to share with you most important things you need to know if the phone you are holding now the phone you wish to bur is original or fake.

Ways to notice if your mobile phone is real or fake

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1. Battery health problem:

Most fake phones have this type of problems. After you have charged it to the highest level, it will be telling you low batter immediately after you are done charging it. This is very annoying sometimes. So please note if you get such phone contact a repairer it might also be that the battery is not strong. Aside that, then you can just put the phone away.

2. Running Slowly:

Have you every checked some phones claiming to be having 8GB RAM but behaves like 1GB phone RAM. This will tell you something that the phone is not original. Because even 4GB RAM phones sometimes runs faster.

How to check if your phone ram is real or fake?

Just download the ender app. It will reveal all the phone details there. That is where you will notice if your device is real or fake.

3. Overheating:

Some phones, even when you are not using it. It will start heating a if you are using it to play games. Such phones are mostly affected by virus internally. Please do not worry, you can format that particular phone and if it still does the same then prepare your budget for new mobile device.

4. Most apps cannot be installed:

Instead of installing normal apps that are available for your device, it cannot be installed when you try to. This is one of the significant signs to tell you that your phone is fake or original. Just be attentive to that device and you will get notice of it.


If you do not understand any of these point, you can contact us to help you further. Thank you.


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