How to create wordpress website without coding in cpanel

Thinking of how to create website without coding in cPanel? Then you are at the right place. Today, I will be teaching the best ways to create a website in cPanel without coding.

But first of all, there are things you must do to start this. First of all, you need to have a hosting that users cPanel. I am saying this because not all the Hosting companies’ users cPanel some hosting companies uses PLESK. Do not worry at all, with just two clicks, your WordPress website will be on online and can be on Google. Below are the step-by-step ways to make your website live.

  1. Make sure that you have internet access
  2. Buy a domain
  3. Buy your hosting platform you wish at any company. E.g Namecheap
  4. After buying both your hosting and domain, change your nameservers if you bought the domain at different company but if it is the same company, do not worry,
  5. After this, log in into your cPanel at where you bought your hosting.
  6. After you have logged in into cPanel, locate setaceous app installer or just click on WordPress if you need a WordPress site
  7. After clicking on it, install any kind of site you wish to use with the domain provided
  8. Withing some hours, your website will be online. Do not worry if it too long to respond. Use different browsers to check if your website has propagated fully
  9. Start posting and designing your website with the login dashboard.
  10. Share your content and start gaining traffic.

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Please if you did not understand it well, kindly send an email to us or comment below to assist you out

How to create wordpress website without coding in cpanel


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