How to use Xender To Check if Your Phone is original

Most people do not know if the phone their using is original or not. This is the reason why myrichtech team have made up to help you out check whether your device is original or fake with the use of Xender. Please be reminded that you can use this whenever you are about to buy smart phone in other to avoid scam. Bur what is the Xender?

What is Xender?

Xender is an application which is used for transferring files and folders. Such folders or files includes videos, pictures, music, text document, games and many more. It is very helpful because it is faster than Bluetooth when using it to transfer files and folders.

How To Know If Phone Is Original By Using Xender?

First of all, make sure that you have the app on your phone. You can get Xender on play store or on their official website. Do not worry we will provide the app link below to make it easy to you. Note that this works both offline and online as well.  After downloading the app, follow the steps we are about to show you below.

1. Go to your phone settings:

Before you will open the Xender app, you need to open your phone settings. This will allow us to know the kind and the version of your phone.

2. Locate about phone:

After you are done opening the settings menu, locate about phone or my phone. Kindly click on it to know the information of your phone.

3. Model:

After opening the about phone, check the phone model. E.g., Techno KC8 is for Spark 4.

4. Version:

Check the version of your phone. You can locate it under the model of your device.

 After you are done looking through the information of your device, you can now open the Xender application.

5. Open the Xender Application:

After you are done downloading the Xender application, you will need to open it. If ads appear on the surface of the Xender app, just click on the skip button to close the ads.

6. Menu of Xender:

This is the most important thing you should notice first. You need to locate the menu. For you to locate this, you will see three dot lines located at the upper left of the app. Now, click on that and scroll down.

When you scroll down, you will see some information about the phone which looks same as the one which was giving in your phone settings. But, if the phone is not original, different information’s will be giving to you.


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